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"A Liberal Arts Response to the Concept of a Common Body of Practice; the Challenge of PL94-l42 to Teacher Education." In: The American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education.Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 1994: 90-105."After the Messiah: The Nurbakhshiyya in Late Timurid and Early Safavid Times." In Society and Culture in the Early Modern Middle East: Studies on Iran in the Safavid Period , edited by Andrew J."Differences in Self-Effacing Behavior Between European Americans and Japanese Americans: Effect on Competence Evaluations." Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, 1999, 30: 159-177."Alice, Lolita, and Me: Learning to Read 'Feminist' with a 10th-Grade Urban Adolescent." In: L.Lavenham, Suffolk, England: Lavenham Press, 1989: 155-170.

Muybridge type shots of a girl on a swing, a boy on a pogo stick, a girl jumping rope, and a boy rollerskating.

The Organist as Scholar: Essays in Memory of Russell Saunders.

"[L'Orgue Mystique by Charles Tournemire: A recording of the first American performance of the complete cycle, vol.

Thomas Church, New York City; Louisville (national A.

"'We Have No Idea of the Liberty with which Franck Played His Own Pieces': Early French Recordings of César Franck's A-Minor Chorale and the Question of Authenticity." In: Kerala Snyder, editor.

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