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Asking this here because I suspect our tiny country shows a quite different dynamic than what we see on r/Tinder .Couple days ago a friend was trying to get me to download Tinder.Together with her small team, Trea is committed to providing a tailored and personalised dating and matchmaking service to professionals in Switzerland.

We realise that love is a very important aspect of that equation.While that sounds good, I always keep in mind that this is from a woman, and the whole experience can be extremely different for men (not to mention LGTB folks).For reference: I'm 26, M, in Geneva, half french half italian, with a grandpa from the carrabeans.well, yesterday ** crying ** this thread is really discouraging. My advice: if you are not having success with it, ditch Tinder.I already complained yesterday to my now ex-gf that I hate the thought of installing these apps again... Get a hobby, go climbing, painting or find a reading club.

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As with all clients, Success Match will personally meet and get to know you so that they can make you the quality introductions you are looking for.

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